Use These Tips to Ensure Effective Traffic Management When Loading and Unloading Freight

Posted on: 28 January 2016


If you own a freight transportation company, it is good to ensure the safety of your employees at the workplace. Poor traffic management procedures during loading and unloading of freight from trucks places your workers at various risks, such as being hit by forklifts, trucks, and other mobile plants, or by falling loads. Therefore, take the responsibility of ensuring the safety of workers involved in the loading and unloading of freight by minimizing or eliminating the risks. Here are some traffic management measures you can employ at your company:

Work Environment

Make the working environment conducive for loading and unloading activities by ensuring that there is sufficient lighting. Moreover, provide an adequate and safe surface area for loading and unloading of freight. You also need to get your employees protective working equipment such as high-visibility work gear.

Safety/Exclusion Zones

Exclusion and safety zones are important and you can create them variously. First, you can specify pedestrian exclusion zones around forklifts and trucks. You can also create safety zones for the drivers, such as at the front of trucks. In addition, erecting sturdy barriers like gates or fences around these safety zones will ensure that your workers operate within safety perimeters.

Formulating rules and regulations that govern the loading and unloading process can also work to prevent risks. For instance, you can set up a policy in your company that no one can enter the safety zone without the approval of the mobile plant operator. In addition, the mobile plant operator should only begin the loading and unloading when everyone is clear of the zones.

Mobile Plants

You can fit your mobile plants with audible warning devices, cameras, or reversing sensors. In addition, you can install speed limiting devices or signs around the workplace where appropriate. It is also important to ensure that the mobile plants are fit for the loads. This means that proper maintenance of the reversing sensors, windscreens, mirrors, and tyres among others, is mandatory. You should put measures to ensure that forklifts or trucks won't move during loading or unloading. To do this, use stop signals or dock locks.


Effective communication is a very essential element of traffic management. Therefore, ensure that you have an efficient system of communication between the drivers and the mobile plant operators. You can achieve this by using two-way radios or hand signals. Moreover, you can use alarms, signs, and lights to indicate that loading or unloading has started or is in progress. Ensure that you also have systems that will alert the drivers when it is safe to leave.

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